Cheap And Easy Conservation Tips

Throughout your house

Fix leaky faucets. This one step alone could cut your water usage by almost 20 percent. Here’s how to check for leaks.

For bathrooms:

  • Get inexpensive, water-saving aerators for your sinks.
  • Replace shower heads with water-efficient models.
  • Buy an inexpensive kit to convert your toilet to dual-flush mode (or, for free, use  the “if it’s yellow, mellow” rule).
  • Put food coloring in the toilet tank. If it reaches the bowl without a flush, replace the flapper valve.


  • Insulate your hot water pipes.

Outdoors (where most homes use 30% of their water):

  • Minimize lawn and garden watering by:
    • Installing drip-irrigation systems in your garden rather than sprinklers (hand-watering is still best)
    • Using directional sprinklers, and putting them where they water just the lawn, not driveways or sidewalks.
    • Planting trees to shade your lawn.
    • Planting drought-resistant grass and other plants.
    • Using a rain barrel to capture water running from your roof to use in your garden or pool. Use cooking water, too, as well as water captured from faucets as you wait for it to warm or cool.