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Water Infrastructure & Conservation Adjustment

As part of its most recent rate decision as approved by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, Aquarion Water Company of New Hampshire received approval to implement the Water Infrastructure and Conservation Adjustment, or WICA, on a pilot basis. The PUC order can be viewed here. WICA was designed to facilitate more timely replacements of aging infrastructure, such as old or problematic water mains, valves that manage the flow of water through the mains, Aquarion-owned fire hydrants, production meters and services.

The benefits of WICA to our customers are two-fold. First, you will see timelier, smaller increases to your water bill than you have experienced in the past. Second, you will benefit from enhanced quality and reliability, because improving our infrastructure enables us to improve our service and delivery. Our commitment to you, our customer, is to continue to provide high quality water with outstanding service, and WICA will allow us to achieve this.

The Company’s WICA program was updated in the recent Rate Case. The PUC order can be viewed here.

The current WICA surcharge is 6.72% effective June 1, 2019 and would apply to all customers. The WICA surcharge percentages are applied to the total current service and usage charge on your water bill and included in the total amount due. WICA may change during the year depending on infrastructure improvements and approval by PUC. The PUC order can be viewed here.