Payment and Billing Options

Depending on the option you choose, payments may take several days to post to your account. If a payment is made after the due date, please contact us to avoid any collection activity.

Sign Up / Log In To E-Billing Advantages of E-Billing:
  • Receive and pay your water bills online through your bank account
  • Schedule automatic payments
  • Set up automatic reminders
  • Sign up with Aquarion customer service (603) 926-3319 or toll free at 800-403-3333, or
  • Electronically track your E-Billing payment history
  • There is no charge for this service
Pay Bill (One-time Payments) This option does not require enrollment. You simply need your Aquarion account number, and you can pay with your checking account or credit card. You will still receive a paper bill in the mail. Your payment is posted within 2 business days. There is a $1.95 Service Fee charged by our payment processing agent, KUBRA. Aquarion does not receive any revenue from the fee charged by KUBRA for processing payments. Click at the link at left to pay on-line. You can also pay 24-hrs via 1.800.732.9678, options 2 (Make Payment).
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payment Options Customers who sign up for this payment option will continue to receive their bills in the mail. Bills will clearly state that the customer has signed up for EFT payments and total due will be debited from their authorized bank account on the scheduled payment date. Payments will be automatically scheduled for deduction 5 days day prior to due date. There is no charge for this service. Call Aquarion customer service (603) 926-3319 or toll free at 800-403-4333 or click here for the form Electronic Funds Transfer Form (EFT)
Pay Your Bill by Mail Where to mail your payment. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for payment processing.
Payment Locations Locations that accept payments for Aquarion Water bills. Please allow 2 business days for payment processing.