Customer Care

How to Read Your Bill

Wondering what’s what on your Aquarion bill? This numbered guide will help explain it. (Please note: You may not see all of these items on your statement. Only those applying to your account will appear.)

  1. Your toll-free number for contacting Aquarion Customer Service Center.
  2. Your assigned Aquarion customer account number. Please use this number when contacting us about a bill.
  3. The date we printed this statement.
  4. The address receiving water service.
  5. The meter number and size for the address being billed.
  6. The time period this statement covers and the number of days in the service period.
  7. Meter readings used to calculate this bill.
  8. Amount of water used during service period.
  9. When we expect to read your meter again.
  10. Your last balance, and your payments since your last statement.
  11. The service charge for your water meter, based on its size.
  12. The charge for the water you used.
  13. Taxes, surcharges, fees or surcharges.
  14. The total due for the current service period plus any unpaid balance.
  15. A graph to help you track and compare water usage, and see whether we used an actual or estimated meter
    reading to calculate your bill. This graph will begin with your first billed usage and will accumulate as your future bills occur.
  16. Additional important information about your water service.
  17. Your billing address. If it is incorrect, please note your corrections on the back of your payment stub.

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