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The installation of the new main on Perkins Avenue was completed on June 13, and on Auburn Avenue Extension on June 21. Subsequently, the new mains passed pressure and water quality testing. New service lines will be installed over the next few weeks. The project is running behind schedule due to high ground water tables (caused by frequent rainfall and unusually high tides) which created unstable soil conditions for digging. All water services are expected to be switched to the new mains by the end of July.

High tide at west end of Perkins Avenue


New water service line prior to filling trench



High tide on Auburn Avenue



High tide on Auburn Avenue Extension


Pressure testing equipment on Auburn Avenue Extension


The construction crew finished installation of the new main on Auburn Avenue on Thursday. On Friday, it was pressure tested and chlorinated, and today it will be flushed and tested for bacteria. When the bacteria tests are satisfactory, installation of new service lines will begin later in the week.

Installation will resume on Perkins Avenue next week. The installation of new main is expected to be completed by the end of the week. As with Auburn Avenue, there will be several days of testing followed by installation of new service lines in the following week.

New main crossing under existing sewer pipe

Placing of thrust block at the end of the main

Thrust block, valve and blow off prior to covering



Partially covered valve and blow off




Replacement of mains on Auburn and Perkins Avenues is proceeding slowly, but steadily. As of May 30, 346 feet of new main has been installed on Perkins Avenue, and 260 feet of new main has been installed on Auburn Avenue. New mains on both streets have passed the intersection with Auburn Avenue Extension. Tees and valves for Auburn Avenue Extension are in place, and this main will be replaced after Perkins and Auburn mains are complete. The project is taking longer due to poor soil conditions (which make for unstable trenches), other underground utilities (which must be excavated by hand), and narrow streets.

Trench passing a utility pole that is being held in place during excavation

The partially backfilled trench around the new pipe

A new length of pipe, wrapped in protective plastic, being moved into the trench




New main has been installed on Perkins Avenue between Ashworth Avenue to the intersection with Auburn Avenue Extension; about a third of the length of Perkins Ave. Due to loose soils and other nearby utilities, work is slow, but steady.

The old main exposed prior to removal

The trench crossing the intersection of Perkins Avenue and Auburn Avenue Extension

New main and valve being placed in the Perkins Avenue / Auburn Avenue Extension intersection


Backfilling the trench

Compacting the fill in the trench

Filled trench


Water main replacement on Perkins Avenue is in progress. As of Friday, May 10, 114 feet of old main has been replaced.




Church Street 
 The Church Street Main Replacement is completed. The new main is in service and two service lines were connected to the new main this week. Everything is finished except for some surface restoration.

Auburn Avenue / Perkins Avenue – Main replacements on Perkins Avenue, Auburn Avenue and Auburn Avenue Extension started this week. Our contractor set up temporary water services earlier this week and activated them on Thursday. Removal of the old water main on Perkins Avenue will begin either today or Monday.




Church Street
– all work is complete except for site restoration. After receiving final bacteria test results, two service taps will be made and the new main will be put in service.

Auburn Avenue / Perkins Avenue – The scope of this project has been expanded to include Auburn Avenue Extension, a short connector street between Auburn and Perkins. In response to requests from Auburn Avenue Extension residents, the Town of Hampton is including this street in their sewer project, which necessitates the water main replacement. The Auburn Avenue Extension main is a 2-inch, cast-iron, dead end main with a history of breaks. It will be replaced with a 4-inch, ductile-iron main that will be connected to new mains at both ends, eliminating the dead end. This will enhance reliability and water quality.

Our contractor, RH White, will begin construction next week. Set up of temporary water services are scheduled for next Wednesday.



The installation portion of the new water main project on Church Street is complete. Chlorination and pressure testing on the new main will be done today. Next week, the main will be flushed and tested for bacteria. We expect the new main to be in service by April 26, if not sooner.

New hydrant in front of the Catholic church

Trench across Highland Avenue for the tie in to the existing water main

View of the Highland Avenue trench


Half of the new pipe was installed by the end of the day on Wednesday, and the remainder was completed on Thursday. Today, the contractor will start working on connecting the new pipe to existing mains. Next week, the new pipe will be pressure tested, disinfected and flushed.

New pipe is being inserted into the trench as its being pulled along in place of the old pipe

Portion of the new pipe stretched out across the road prior to insertion

The trench where the pipe bursting machine is pulling the new pipe towards it


The Church Street Project is proceeding according to schedule. Replacement of old pipe by pipe bursting and the pulling of new pipe through began Tuesday as planned. The majority of new pipe installation is scheduled to be completed by Thursday afternoon. Connections to existing mains at Williams Street and Highland Avenue will be made starting Friday and early next week.

Church Street Project

The Church Street project will replace a total of 700 feet of 57 year-old cast iron water main between Highland Avenue and Williams Street. The existing 8-inch main, which has a history of breaks, will be increased to 12-inches in order to improve water flow rates. The water main will be replaced using pipe-bursting technology rather than open trenching, which will help to minimize neighborhood and traffic disruption.


Sat, Apr 6: Material and equipment staging begins

Mon, Apr 8: Groundbreaking

Tue, Apr 9: Pipe bursting and insertion of new main starts

Fri, Apr 19: Projected finish for construction

Mon, Apr 22 - Fri, Apr 26: Temporary paving, pressure and bacteria testing of new main

Mon, Apr 29: Projected in service date for new main

If you have question or comments about the project, please contact Carl McMorran at (603) 926-3319, ext. 116 or cmcmorran@aquarionwater.com

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Auburn Avenue and Perkins Avenue Project 

The Perkins Avenue project will replace a total of 530 feet of 55-year-old water main, while the Auburn Avenue location, which has a history of breaks, replaces 460 feet of 53-year-old water main. Both projects will replace the existing water main with 6-inch ductile-iron main. Perkins Avenue’s water main will be installed at a lower depth to eliminate the potential for freezing in the winter.

The affected areas near Perkins Avenue will include Perkins Avenue, Auburn Avenue and Auburn Avenue Extension. The project is scheduled to begin the week of April 29.

If you have question or comments about the project, please contact Carl McMorran at (603) 926-3319, ext. 116 or cmcmorran@aquarionwater.com

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